ASA/ARS Phase Plan, Guidelines & COVID-19 Resources

First and foremost, Arlington Soccer will continue to abide by all guidelines and restrictions set forth by the government and our local health department. These guidelines are designed with the sole purpose of providing the safest possible environment that will allow our players to transition back into soccer activities through a planned out phased approach. Phase determination will be based on the guidance of TSSA, local government, and health care authorities. WE ARE CURRENTLY IN ASA (PHASE 3).

While we are excited as an organization for the opportunity to move forward, we also recognize that there may be families who are not yet comfortable in returning to the fields under these guidelines. We as leaders and coaches understand this, and look forward to the day when everyone feels comfortable heading out to the fields again.

If any player/coach/admin/parent thinks they are sick, stay home. Specifically: symptoms of acute respiratory disease (i.e. cough, sore throat, shortness of breath), fever, sudden loss of smell or taste, or been diagnosed with COVID-19 (which would follow state-mandated quarantine requirements). If a coach or administrator has a concern about a player's health, they have the ability to send the player home. 

If any member of ARS tests positive for COVID-19, they must report that information immediately to the Recreation Director, Amy Paule.

Arlington Soccer COVID-19 Resources
Arlington Soccer RTP Phase Plan & Guidelines
Arlington Soccer Requirements for Safe Participation
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Other COVID-19 Resources
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