Once you have registered your child to play with Arlington Recreational Soccer, the organization immediately incurs costs. The player's form is processed, which includes adding their information to the database, placing them on a team and paying appropriate fees to the Town of Arlington and TN Soccer. If it is decided that the child is not going to play, you will need to notify ARS through email at If you notify us prior to the posted date* you will receive a full refund. After the posted date ARS will refund you the registration fee minus $30.00. The $30.00 is a recovery fee to pay for the time that has already been spent on your child's behalf as well as for the time that will be spent in taking the child out of the league and replacing/rearranging their assigned team. If the decision to withdraw is made once games have begun no refunds are issued. Please call Amy at 834-3112 if you do not receive confirmation of the refund request.

*Fall Season 2024  August 1, 2024